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The She-Devil Comedy Festival seeks to honor and reward the artists that most personify The Art of Comedy, while celebrating and helping further the long tradition of women in comedy.

The festival is an off-shoot of the popular Laughing Devil Festival, and was created by Steve Hofstetter.

The She-Devil Comedy Festival features a 24-comedian first round followed by one semi-final show, one semi-final show, and one final show. Comedy industry from all over the US and Canada will participate to help find, expose, and give work to some of today's top emerging comedians.

24 comedians are chosen to compete. In the first round, each comedian perform two five-minute sets.

12 of those move on to the semi-finals, where they each perform one five-minute set.

6 move on to the finals, where they each perform a ten-minute set.

Material can not be repeated from round to round. By the finals, comedians will have performed 4 times, and 25 minutes. This is not an easy festival to win!

Winners receive cash, prizes, and work from comedy clubs, agents, and partner festivals.

We look forward to seeing you in New York City!

She-Devil Comedy Festival | October in New York City, NY