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"For a really long time, I was treading water just trying to stay above the surface in the seemingly mysterious world of making money at comedy. The Martin Grant was a life preserver. Since being award the grant I've appeared on television 12 times and booked tons of work at clubs and venues that I've never performed at. I am leagues closer to being where I want to be."
-2015 winner Brett Druck

"The Martin Grant came at a time when I wasn't sure that I was cut out for stand up. But after being selected out of the hundreds of applicants I experienced a rush of confidence and purpose. The money gave me the financial cushion I needed to keep my nose to the grindstone. Now I perform regularly around Los Angeles, produce independent comedy shows that keep the scene healthy and was even selected for America's Got Talent. I feel like receiving this grant was a pure stroke of luck and now my responsibility is to earn the headstart it has given me and pay it forward to my fellow comedians."
-2016 winner Wyatt Gray

"I was starting to get amazing opportunities but I couldn't always afford to take them. I had been invited to open for Jeff Garlin in London and had to turn it down because I couldn't afford the travel. Once I won the grant, I was able to join him abroad and perform for the first time outside the US! The grant made it possible for me to get more stage time, to say 'yes' to gigs that didn't pay enough but I knew would make me better and ultimately prepare me for my first late night set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!"
-2017 winner Heather Pasternak

"Because of the grant, I was able to attend several festivals I would otherwise not have had the resources to attend. Having the grant behind me has given me flexibility to pursue comedy writing and standup with heightened focus and acceleration. I'm so grateful for the support!"
-2018 winner Teresa Lee

Stand-up comedians who have never made more than $10K at stand-up comedy in any given calendar year are eligible to apply.

Videos should be at least 3 minutes, start from the beginning of your set, and not a "best of" clip reel.

Application deadline each year is September 30th. Submissions after the deadline will be rolled over to the following year.

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